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A smile and a wink

& the land is ours

17 April
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addictions, adult swim, americas next top model, anglophilia, anorexia, ashley olsen, beaches, being a student, billie joe armstrong, boy bands, boys, brand new, brian lane, britain, british accents, british pop, burning calories, chatting, class of 2010, clothes, cognitive psychology, computers, concerts, conversations, crushes, daddy yankee, danny jones, deep lyrics, doodling, dougie poynter, eating disorders, england, english history, europe, eyes, fashion, flawless, foreign accents, friends, friendship, futurama, garret tierney, gemma ward, gets, graphic design, graphics, green day, harry judd, harry potter, hating george w. bush, html, icons, individuality, inside jokes, internet, ipod, jesse lacey, jessica stam, journals, lazy days, liberalism, life, limewire, lists, london, long term travel, losing weight, love, magazines, mary-kate olsen, mcfly, memories, mental illness, mike dirnt, mind games, miranda!, modeling, models, mp3s, msn, music, myself, nicole richie, obsessing over bands, obsessions, overanalysing, people, perfection, philip j. fry, photography, photoshoots, piercings, pop culture, psychology, puerto rico, relocating, residente calle 13, restricting, robot chicken, romance, rosa-bell, rot3f, san juan, sarcasm, saturdays, self-expression, sharpies, shaun of the dead, shopping, singing, sleeping, social psychology, socialism, sociology, speakers, starbucks, taking photos, talking, talking on the phone, talking with friends, the holocaust, the simple life, the simpsons, the sims, the sims 2, therapy, thinking, thursdays, tom fletcher, traveling, tre cool, tv, united kingdom, vincent accardi, web design, weight, weight loss, wisin y yandel, wonderland, writing, yaviah, zelda